To the south of the mainland lies Mirisa. This small island began as a haven for pirates and may very well still be depending on who is asked. Mirisa pays all dues owed to the Merchant’s Guild to trade and continue on with safe operations of it’s shipping trade. The island itself is run by an elected body of captains led by an Admiral elected from among them. Every freed man aboard a Mirisan ship gets a vote, though most vote for their own captains. The body consists of 13 captains and one of these is voted as the Admiral. The body’s rule only extends to the docks of Mirisa, every captain is lord upon his own deck.

The inhabitants of the islands come from every single race, creed, and nation in Komin. Every able body is freely accepted among the Mirisan ships and every sailor doubly so. Mirisa is a known safe harbor for any captain willing to pay the dock price, which depending on current politics can be quite sizable.

The Captains and Admiral of the Mirisan fleet may declare war upon any other nation but to do so every single captain of a Mirisan ship must vote to do so, a single “no” is enough to keep the nation at peace. This has kept Mirisa out of almost every single major conflict. Trading weapons and supplies to both sides is far more profitable than assisting either side exclusively.


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