Situated in the central plains of Komin, Amon is less a country then a loosely affiliated band of nomad tribesmen. The tribesmen band together under a single banner when the conclave is called to join them in defense of their ancestral hunting ground. When the Tribes of Amon are not joined they spend much of their time fighting each other over hunting and settling rights as well as which tribe should hold the title of Master of the Conclave. This honor is bestowed to the strongest chieftain among the tribes and is constantly contested in mortal combat. Lugh of the Tribe of Endorror currently holds the title and has killed 67 challengers to maintain his grasp of the tentative command. Lugh has gone so far as to style himself Warlord of Amon.

The Tribe of Endorror has claimed the most promising section of the central plains and have begun to build a massive city. Lugh claims this city will stand as a testament to his power and command of the Amon Tribes. Lugh has already united four tribes under his rule in a war that has drenched the plains in Amon blood for the last decade.

Balder of the Tribe of Osis has taken up arms against Lugh and united three of the remaining eight tribes against him. Balder claims that the Amon are not a people for kings and lord like the “civilied” people of Komin. Balder has suffered several major defeats however a dwarf contingent from the northern mountains has been contracted to aid them in the war. Lugh contests this as a sign of weakness and dragging non-Amoni into an Amoni affair. This alone has kept the five un-sworn tribes from taking the field against either leader.

The Amoni People

The Amoni are a sturdy and noble lot. While they seem barbaric from those unfamiliar the Amoni have an extensive written and spoken language. They have developed art and music. While most of the male Amoni pursue combat they also lead an almost monastic life. They have developed a deep affinity for nature and the nature gods they worship, as well as the gods of battle and war-lust. The Amoni women are free to follow any non-martial path and have taken to trading with other peoples as well as developing art, music, and drama. The women are tasked with teaching the young the secrets and histories of the Amoni people lest they be lost.

Every man, woman, and child knows the story of the Amoni. They all know of the First Warrior who left his oaths as a knight when the Dark King bid him to kill infants and women quick with child. The First Warrior rode into the plains. There he spent several nights at meditation and prayer before Meinrad, the God of Honor, came to him. There the first warrior was instructed in the ways of Honor and lifted into the high court for eights weeks. When he returned he found several people starving and dehydrated upon the plain. He fed them and brought forth water from the heavens for them. These are the First Tribe. From them the fourteen Tribes of Amon were formed.


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